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Metal Types

Metals USA is proud to offer a diverse line of metal types that are suitable for a range of industries.

Metals USA stocks metal sheet in a variety of grades, thicknesses, and lengths. We also inventory a variety of finishes to meet your project application requirements. Sheet is typically easy to form, machine, and weld. The ease of workability, customization options, and strength of this metal make it one of the most common shapes used in industries ranging from construction to marine. At Metals USA, we supply aluminum, hot-rolled, cold-finished, stainless, and alloy sheet metal to meet your specifications. Contact us today to find the right metal for your application.

Carbon and Alloy Steel

Carbon steel can be used for a variety of applications. Its high resistance to corrosion makes it a great material option for various transportation and construction applications. It is very versatile compared to other steel types, and easily formable. Many of the carbon alloy steels are easy to machine, stamp, and fabricate. These materials can also be manufactured to precise tolerances.


Aluminum is one of the most versatile engineering and construction materials available. It has a high tensile strength, is light weight, and is corrosion resistant. From marine applications to the transportation industry, the experts at Metals USA can help you find the right grade and shape to meet your exact specifications. Metals USA stocks a vast inventory of aluminum angles, beams, channels, bars, plates, sheet, pipes, and tubes. With 25 strategically placed locations throughout the United States and 50 years of experience, we are your trusted aluminum supplier.

Cold Finished

Cold-finished steel, also known as cold rolled steel, is a smoother and stronger version of hot rolled steel. The treatment and process that cold rolled steel undergoes, results in increased yield, tensile strength, and hardness. A polished appearance also develops on the surface because of the process.

Cold-finished steel is a popular choice for precision applications like engineering and tooling. Manufacturing and fabrication industries also use this material for a variety of applications due to its machinability. Parts manufacturers may choose to work with cold-finished steel since it is easier to cut than hot rolled steel. Cold-finished steel is excellent for forming and bending processes as well. Metals USA’s vast inventory of cold-finished steel products includes flat bar, round bar, square bar, and sheet.

Hot Rolled

Hot rolled steel has a tensile strength of 67,000 PSI, a yield strength of 45,000 PSI, and a hardness of 137. Hot rolled steel is a popular material option often used in projects that require forming, punching, or welding. At Metals USA, we stock a variety of hot and cold-rolled steel products to meet your project specifications.

Stainless Steel

Metals USA stocks a wide inventory of stainless steel products such as sheet, angle, tubing and more. Stainless steel combines the high strength, hardness, workability, and formability of steel with high corrosion resistance, making it a great material option for wet or damp environments. This material is very appealing aesthetically due to its polished appearance. Our extensive inventory includes both standard and polished finishes. Contact us today to find the right stainless grade for your application.

Armor Grade

Armor and ballistic grade steel plate is specifically designed for the military and has been approved by all US agencies and departments for defense and combat applications. Additionally, armor and ballistic steel plate is certified by the National Institute of Justice and meets specific levels of threat impact, including explosive shock, shrapnel, and sniper fire. This certification guarantees that the plate will not fail under specified conditions. Armor and ballistic grade steel plate is found in military vehicles, high protection structural housing, armaments, and other protective structures. Metals USA is proud to supply armor and ballistic steel plate nationwide that’s fully certified and guaranteed to perform.