American Bureau of Shipping Grade Steel for Shipbuilding

The American Bureau of Shipping, or ABS, is a regulatory body that certifies steel for the shipbuilding industry. They approve steel according to their specifications and clear it for use in shipbuilding projects. Metals USA is an ABS-certified steel distributor with a complete selection of ABS steel, including a full line of ABS Grade A, B, or C steel.

Held to stringent material requirements, American Bureau of Shipping steel is designated as a hot rolled common strength shipbuilding grade and is available in rolled or plate formats. Designed to resist the harsh saline conditions of marine environments, and optimized for almost all mechanical properties, ABS steel is strong, tough, durable, and highly resistant to corrosion. American Bureau of Shippingg steel is one of the most commonly used steels for the fabrication of ships and ship components. With a vast selection of high-quality steel stock including American Bureau of Shipping Grade A steel, comprehensive experience, and an unmatched range of steel processing services, Metals USA is the ideal partner for your ongoing fabrication projects.

Yield/Tensile Strength



Tensile Strength, Ultimate

400 - 517 MPa

58 - 75 ksi

Tensile Strength, Yield

234 MPa

34 ksi

Min. 2" Elongation %



Material Chemistry






0.420 - 0.50%

98.51 - 98.98%

0.60 - 0.90%

≤ 0.040%

≤ 0.050%